Parelli Natural Performer

Brown w/Darker Brown trim

The NATURAL PERFORMER is the most versatile saddle for reaching high levels in the Parelli Natural Horsemanship Program.  It is a revolutionary performance saddle for a wide range of athletic maneuvers.  It combines the best features of a western saddle - optimum weight distribution and rider safety & comfort - with the best features of an English saddle, such as promoting/allowing collection and fluid movement.

Fenders are for a VERY TALL person, could be trimmed down/shortened.

Fenders, being measure from center of saddle seat to bottom of fender is 28-inches, from center of seat to bottom of stirrup, at shortest length, measures 37-inches.

Seat size, 18-inch.  It does have the Bucking Rolls which would shorten the seat measurement by 1-inch.

Gullet measures 6 1/2-inches, plus a tad.

The saddle is leather lined, it does not have any fleece/wool under saddle.

Very good condition, used 2 or 3 weeks a year. 

For Sale;  $2,000 

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