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Ken & Marion w/Rocky

For better then a combined 65 years, Ken and Marion Dahlgren have lived, worked, and played in the Ault/Pierce areas of Colorado.

June 4, 2021 we bought a new home in Galax, Virginia.

It took 3-PODs, 4 stock trailer loads and 1 flatbed load of stuff, including, the wood working equipment, the welding shop equipment. plus1 horse and 2 mules, to get it all moved.  We had planned on a heck of a barn/shop sale before leaving both Colorado and S Carolina but we sold both homes so quickly we weren't able to sort and have a sale.  

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Call:      970 372-8665

Ken's Passions:
    Wife, 4-brothers, 1-sister and 
    their families, 2-sons and their


*  First Lutheran Church

*  Gladeville Methodist Church
*  Life time friends and new 
*  Tinkering about the place
*  Enjoying his wife enjoy her 

Marion's Passions:
   Husband, step mom, 
   1-sister, 1-brother and their

   2-sons, daughter-in-laws, and

   5-grandchildren, and 2-great 

*  Husband and his passion for 
    his church
*  Horsemanship and the network of
    folks that she has met.
*  Clinics ~ Cowboy Dressage, 
    Obstacle/Trail, the "Basics and
    Beyond" the "Fun and

    Fundementals" of Horsemanship
*  Enjoy critters great and small, 
    especially, cats, kittens, dogs, 
    puppies and of course the 


Marion with Rocky

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