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        "with Lightness comes Harmony"

                                            Jermiah WzA BullFrog, 2008 gelding (ApHC)
                                                Barn name:  "Jermiah"
                                                Bay, Star with Blanket over hips & loins
                                                Sire:     DRS Tardee (ApHC)
                                                Dam:   CR Miss FrogEtta (ApHC)

                                            Born on our place in 2008 .. brought home after
                                            spending a couple of years in Arkansas with a dear friend .. 

                                            Handsome, Good Looking, Talented, Athletic, Quick.

                                            Have used for Trail Riding, Working Cattle, Penning, Sorting, 
Cowboy Dressage, and Horsemanship Clinics.  Has been started for Driving.

Please click on picture to access slide show, and video(s) of Jermiah 

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                                              Cashed in Some Chips, 2012, John
                                                Barn name:  "Krona"
                                                Dark Bay, Spots over hips and loins, fancy leggings
                                                Sire:     Donkey Jack
                                                Dam:   Appaloosa Mare

                                             One of my bay boys, Krona has the best attitude, easy

                                             going, what can I do attitude, pleasure to ride.  Nice long

                                             walk, ground covering trot.  

                                             Hope to learn more about Krona in the next couple of

                                             month.  Would like to take him to some of the same clinics

                                             that I ride with Jermiah.  And then I always like to have all of the boys, pack and drive.  Some really good sessions coming.

Please click on picture to access slide show of Krona

Not For Sale .. Thank you for Looking

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                                            DRS Tardee, 2003 gelding (ApHC)
                                                Barn name:  "Tardee"
                                                Chestnut, Star, stripe and snip.  Spots over back and hips.                                                  Sire:     Dreams Reward (ApHC) 
                                                Dam:    GG's Tardee (ApHC)

                                            We originally purchased Tardee in May 2009.  Raised many                                                nice foals including Jermiah WzA Bullfrog.  Sold him in                                                    June 2012 to a gentleman and his wife near Omaha.

                                            While he was standing at stud here at Savvy Acres, I used him for cattle events, including sortings and team pennings, attended some horsemanship clinics and pleasure rode him at local arenas and on trail  rides.  Good horse, wonderful disposition, nice mover.

August of this year I was contacted by a young lady from SE Kansas that had purchased him from a kill pen near her.  She was looking to find copies of his registration papers.  After tracking beck from her, we found that he had  5-owners from March until August.  After talking with her it was decided that we would be able to purchase Tardee and bring him back home.  Not sure what we will do with him, right now we are giving him time to exhale, put on weight and treating a bad case of white line.  Will know more next spring.

Please click on picture to access slide show, and video(s) of Tardee 

Not For Sale at this time .. Thank you for Looking

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