DRS Tardee

DRS Tardee, 2003 ApHC Gelding

  • Barn name:  "Tardee"
  • Chestnut, Blanket over hips & loins, Strip, Sock right hind
  • Sire:     Dreams Reward
  • Dam:   GGS Tardee

Originally owned Tardee as a stallion, raised some very nice fillies and colts.  Sold him to family near Omaha.  Summer 2017 was called by a lady in SE Kansas looking for a duplicate copy of his papers.  After finding that he had gone from Omaha to SE Kansas we made the decision to purchase him and bring him home.

Wonderful disposition, good color that he had passed on to his get .. Tardee is the Sire for Suri (Frogs Tardee Miracle), Irish (Tardees Irish Rose) and Jermiah (Jermiah WzA Bullfrog).  See pictures of Jermiah by clicking this link.

First things first, needed to do some major hoof care, increase his weight, float his teeth and allow him to exhale.  Seems he went through five sets of hands/homes between March and August 2017.  Tardee is currently being re-tuned for Trail, Horsemanship and Cowboy Dressage, may even teach him to drive  : )

Currently Not For Sale .. Thank you for Looking

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