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CSI Saddlepad

  • Patented technology — CSI Flexplate Creates a larger footprint for the saddle tree.

  • Evenly disperses rider’s weight and bar pressure.

  • Disperses the impact that occurs while riding.

  • Ride it, Try it, Get it Dirty -   30 Day Money Back Guarantee.

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CSI Saddlepad

Every feature of the CSI Saddlepad system is designed with your horse’s comfort and performance in mind. The system works with all types of saddles including traditional treed saddles, flex panel and treeless saddles. At the heart of the system is the revolutionary CSI Flex-Plate. First and foremost, this in-pad plate increases the contact area of the bars in a treed saddle. This spreads the pressure of the saddle and the rider’s weight out over a larger area which in turn reduces or eliminates pinch and pressure points. (With a treeless saddle, the CSI Flex-Plate actually provides you with a highly flexible weight and pressure distribution system that reduces soreness and fatigue.) But that’s not the only benefit of the CSI Flex-plate — it goes beyond just simple weight distribution and can actually can help your horse achieve a greater range of motion increasing their overall performance level.

CSI Saddlepads