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CSI Inventory

Pad Colors

Western Square
30"/32" Length

Our standard Western Flex-plate Saddlepad.  Round and Showcut (Barrel) options also available.

Western Round
30"/32" Length

Our Round Skirt Western Flex-plate Saddlepad.  Generally used with round skirted western saddles.


Show Cut
30"/32" Length

The Show Cut version of our Western Saddlepad is completely concealed under a standard Navajo Blanket.


Sports Cut 
w/Western Flex-Plate
30"/32" Length

Our Sports Cut pad works great

with endurance type saddles and treeless saddles.  Riders who ride English on the trail also appreciate this design.


Sports Cut 
w/English Flex-Plate
26" Length

Our Sports Cut pad with English Flex-plate.


English GP 
(General Purpose)
24" Length

English General Purpose
 Flexplate Saddlepad designed 
for the pleasure and 
recreational English rider!.


Replacement Liner

Replacement liners for your

CSI Flex-Plate Saddlepad.


Shim Set (2)


Tear Drop ($25),

Medium ($35)

or Swayback ($45)


Cleaning Brush

The perfect way to clean your

CSI Saddlepad! This brush makes cleaning the outside

of your CSI Pad easy! Also great for our felted

needled wool inserts.