Savvy Acres, Llc. 
"With Lightness Comes Harmony"
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Trade Options

List of Goods we would consider in trade
 We always accept cash

Grass Hay - Horse Quality


2x4                     8’ and longer

2x6                     8’ and longer

2x8                     8’ and longer

2x10                   8’ and longer

2x12                   8’ and longer

4x4                     8’ and longer

2x6 treated      12’ and longer

6x6 treated      12’ and longer
All of the above must be straight.

3/8” and thicker plywood / OSB


Automatic livestock waterer for cold weather

          We are updating with the dark green Ritchie Automatic Waterers that fits

 between     two paddocks


Steel products and pipe

16’ and longer sheets. plates

 Flats                  10' and longer

Angle                 10' and longer

Channel             10' and longer

Tubing               10' and longer

               Metal roofing/siding

Farm Equipment and Parts

Arena Groomer

Double Acting hydraulic cylinders

2 ½ x 16 or larger

2-Spool hydraulic valves for tractor loader

Needs to have built in load checks

3-Point mounted disc

3-Point mounted 1 or 2 bottom plow


Trailer Parts

Axles – 3000# or larger

Wheels – 8 hole 16”

Tires – 16' 10ply or better



1 or 2 ton electric hoist

Band Saw – metal cutting

Chain Saw – gas powered

Portable Welder

            Radiant garage heater
            Golf Cart

Miscellaneous Horse Stuff

Buggy, Gig or Wagon

Priefert Panels – 12 foot – brown heavier duty

Priefert walk through gates – 12 foot – brown heavier duty

2-horse trailer to be used for loading demos, does not have to be perfect …..

Dairy doorway - plastic sheeting 8 to 12' wide by 8 to 10' long

Steel T-post for fencing - only need 150 more

100 gal Rubbermaid water tanks – can have small holes as we use the for feeding hay

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