Savvy Acres, Llc. 
"With Lightness Comes Harmony"
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Savvy Acres ~ Horse Boarding, Clinics & Workshops

Ken and Marion Dahlgren
We have been in the Ault, Pierce area of Colorado for better than 65 years

Savvy Acres, 45407 County Road 41, Pierce, CO 80650

970 372-8665
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~ by Horsemen for Horsemen

Savvy Acres is a horse boarding facility, with large, shared, paddocks, allowing your horse, mule or donkey plenty of room to run, buck and play.  Each paddock has an automatic waterer, and is supplied with a free-choice ADM mineral block.  We feed a high quality grass hay two to three times per day, depending on the needs of your horse.  We will/can feed your supplied grain/supplements.

We are family owned and operated, Ken and Marion live on the property and are involved in the day to day management of the horse boarding and the facility.  We have a strict 'no drama' policy which allows us to have a nice atmosphere that is supportive and encouraging to all types and abilities of riders.

$300 per month.

Horse boarding amenities:
•    50’ x 135’ Paddocks w/ Shelter
•    50’ x 160’ Paddocks w/ Shelter
•    Outdoor Arena 100' X 260'
•    Cowboy Dressage Outdoor Arena 70' x 140'
•    Obstacle/Trail Course
•    Round Pen 60'
•    Room for riding and hand-grazing
•    Outdoor Hitches
•    Farrier/Vet Area
•    Free Trailer Parking

Savvy Acres is located just north and east of Pierce.  We are a short distance from Ault, Eaton, Greeley, Fort Collins and Nunn, Colorado.  Cheyenne, Wyoming is just north of us.

You have an easy trailer haul to the Pawnee Grasslands, Lory State Park, Red Mountain and Soapstone.  And it is just under two-hours to be able to ride at Mount Margaret, Molly Lake, Lady-Moon and many other mountain trail areas.

Savvy Acres offers clinics and workshops, including, but not limited to; Cowboy Dressage, Horsemanship, Obstacle/Trail and Packing Your Horse/Mule

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